During Carnival week, many people have fun wearing costumes and masks. We have found the following video, showing a series of masks worn by people at the Venice Carnival.

Thanks someonewhocansee

Sadly, even such an enjoyable event as this has its risks. In the computer world, malware also disguises itself, taking the most unexpected forms in order to infiltrate users’ computers.
According to PandaLabs’ 2010 annual Security Report:

“Spam figures have stayed high this year: some 92% of all email traffic was identified as spam. The tricks used to dupe potential victims into opening these emails, have this year focused heavily on exploiting current affairs and dramatic news stories (a tendency which has also applied to SEO attacks): celebrity scandals and deaths (real or fictitious), swine flu, alleged videos of politicians, etc…”

“As for distribution, cyber-crooks’ favorite tools were social networks (mainly Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Digg), as well as attacks carried out using fake malware-downloading websites”.

We would therefore like to remind you about the need for keeping your antivirus updated when you access the Internet.

Enjoy the Carnival!