Advanced Persistent Threat

Over the last few years we have seen how ransomware infections have increased exponentially. Until now we have alerted mostly home users, but what happens when companies are the target?

Without going any further, in Spain, between November and December 2014, most senior executives of companies listed on the stock market received emails that supposedly came from the national post service. These emails managed to evade corporate anti-spam systems and perimeter protection, limiting to 30 the number of recipients in each company.

We must be aware that normally the information kidnapped is vital for the proper functioning of the company, and that’s why, in many cases, they don’t hesitate to pay the ransom. Therefore, corporate email services, documents and personal databases are the most common target for cybercriminals.

In that sense and unlike the attacks targeting individuals, the ransom requested is much higher and depends on the size of the company. Sometimes it can reach thousands of euros.

correos ransomware

In addition, we mustn’t forget that companies receive a large number of packages, gifts, etc. so it is not weird to receive a post service notification with something pending to receive. Hence, the success of this social engineering to obtain downloads and malware execution.

Companies or organizations that paid the ransom were victims in successive campaigns, from other sources of infection or from new versions of the malware. That’s the main reason why you shouldn’t pay any ransom at all, because no one guarantees you that they will give it back.

How to prevent ransomware in your company or organization?

Protecting your business against ransomware, directed attacks and advanced persistent threats APTs is the best thing you can do to prevent your company’s files being kidnaped by cyber attackers. However common belief has that in spite of the investments you won’t still be completely protected against future ransomware versions… Is there a definitive solution against these types of current and future threats?

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