The anual conference organized by the Association of antiVirus Researchers (AVAR) is taking place this week in New Delhi, India. Even though some people cancelled the trip due to the recent terrorist attack in Mumbai, there are still a number of great professionals from all around the world. As this is the first time that AVAR takes place in India, it is also a pleasure to meet some really skilled people from this country that we do not usually have the chance to meet.

The presentations are being really great until now, which are mainly related to the fight against malware and cybercrime. These are some of which we have already enjoyed:

  • Fighting International Organized Online Crime
  • Understanding and teaching Bots and Botnets
  • Exploiting Anti-virtualization Techniques to Prevent Running of Malware
  • Propagation of Malware Through Compromised Websites: Attack Trends and Countermeasures

And we still have many of them to enjoy, those to which I’m specially looking forward are:

  • Darwin inside the machines: malware evolution and the consequences for computer security
  • Use of Statistic Methods for Fighting Malware
  • Cyber Terrorism

In the picture you can see our colleague Mikko during his keynote: