Posted by Nerea Bezares


Art and technology have always been understood to be two completely different branches of knowledge. In fact we could say that art sees the world from a subjective perspective, based on imagination and emotions, while technology or science sees the world from a strictly objective and rational perspective.arte1

Yet recently we have seen art combine with technology to take us into surreal worlds, playing with our emotions and imagination, such as simulators or films in 3D, etc. But the example of art meeting technology that has attracted most attention is Picasso’s Guernica in 3D. 

Bearing in mind that art has never been one of my strong points, I must admit that on seeing Guernica in the Queen Sofia Museum in Madrid, what most caught my attention was the dimension of the work. I wasn’t able to perceive the suffering that each of the “characters” represent, even though this is something that I had studied at school.


After seeing this video, I was able to feel and understand the suffering of each of the characters, and all of this from my own home. 


If you don’t see the painting in a museum you do lose certain aspects, such as the real tones of the paint on the canvas, the lines, the light, everything that the art comprises. If you see it in 3D, you feel the painting in a special way, you feel part of it and you can even sense the feelings of the characters; pain, anguish, emotion. So should we really continue to see art and technology as two separate branches?   


Whatever your feelings about art and whatever your view of the technological world in which we live, it is impossible not to be amazed by this video and I’m sure you’ll start to see art from a different perspective…