Apple’s latest smartwatch is expected to hit the shelves early next year, and even though now it is midsummer, the rumors around the product have already begun circulating. Some of the top rumors for Apple’s Series 3 watch suggest that cellular integration will finally arrive for Apple watches. Speculators also mention the latest edition of the product is very likely to have a front facing camera. If true, this would be great news as you will soon be able to make and receive calls, as well as FaceTime without the need of your iPhone. Most of the rumored functions have already been present for years to products from Fitbit, Samsung, Moto, Xiomi, and LG. However, we are surely excited to see how these options would feel and operate on watchOS.

What needs to be improved in this new smartwatch?

The smartwatch market had continually been expanding since its inception about five years ago; it is not a secret the first two versions of the Apple Watch product have had some rough time reaching their sales targets. Apple is not very keen on sharing numbers, but analysts confirm masses are still not entirely convinced that any smartwatch is worth the $300+ price tag. The overall smartwatch market has been experiencing steady growth but not a real boom. So we were wondering if Apple Watch 3 will be the device that will finally convert smartwatches from being a gimmick to an everyday necessity? Here’s what Apple Watch 3 will need to outshine, or at least catch up with its competitors;

–    Improved battery life

Apple Watch 2 needs charging almost every night. This is almost laughable when compared to the 7-day battery life functionality of Fitbit Surge or the 4-day battery lasting of Samsung Gear S3. If you want to have a device capable of dominating the market, it needs to be fully functional for at least two days in a row. Otherwise, it is just yet another piece of technology that requires charging every night. There is light in the tunnel as the Commonwealth Scientific, and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) recently announced that there might be a way to harvest energy from hand movements. Fingers crossed Apple will integrate similar technology in Apple Watch 3.

–    Fitness and Sleep Tracking Accuracy

One of the main reason for Fitbit to still be part of the leaders in the wearables market is the fact that it accurately tracks sleep, steps, floors, etc.  The fitness tracking accuracy of some of the top smartwatches hasn’t been on a level where we want it to be, and this includes Apple Watch 2. Apple’s current smartwatch does not have integrated sleep and cycling trackers – there are apps, but the functions are not yet integrated. We hope to see these features included in the new Apple Watch.

–    Better security

This is one of the places where Apple can step in their game. CSIRO recently announced there might be a way to add one more layer of protection to the wearable tech – the smartwatches of the future may be able to learn your walking habits and only work with its respective owners. They will be able to recognize your way of movement when compared to someone else’s, making sure all you are the only person able to access information stored on the device. This is where Apple Watch 3 has a real opportunity to outshine the rest of the pack.

Would this be enough?

Most of these factors would simply get Apple to catch up with the rest of the pack unless Apple’s R&D team find a way for watches to start being sufficiently charged from movement; they managed to develop more fitness tracking options, and they increase the level of security. So whoever gets there first, will be the winner as achieving these innovations may be the tipping point that will add smartwatch devices to people’s daily routine! Imagine a future where your watch does not require charging, and you no longer have to take your wallet, phone, and keys with you. All you will need will be an intelligent smartwatch!