A few months ago we told you all about it… and it’s happening again! Be careful with the new phishing attack which is targeting Apple users!

*** Published 02/02/2015

Careful! We have detected a new phishing attack!

If you receive an email with the Spanish text: “Hola, nuestro sistema ha detectado autorizado entrada intento de su Apple ID…” (“Hello, our system has detected authorized access attempt of your Apple ID…,”) careful, it is phishing!

Below is an example of the email and the first thing that should catch your attention is the sender’s email address: AppIe Support <ebay@ebay.es>

phishing apple

Using the excuse that someone has tried to access your Apple ID account, the cyber-criminals ask you to change your details. When you click on the link, a page opens that is an almost perfect imitation of Apple’s website:

phishing apple email


After signing in with your Apple ID login details, the next step is to update your personal details.

phishing apple ID

In addition to your name, address or telephone number, it requests your bank and credit card details in order to verify your identity and as the default method of payment for purchases and for iTunes or the App Store.

phishing apple personal details

So, if you fall into the trap and enter all of this data, you will be giving the criminals access to this sensitive information.

As we always say, no company will ever ask you to send your personal details to them via email. If they do, be suspicious! In addition, in this case prevention is better than cure and it is important to have an extra layer of protection by installing one of the antivirus software from our 2015 line.