We have seen rogue antispyware for quite a long time; there is a list of these kind of “programs” in the Spywarewarrior site. We have discovered something similar but this time its aim is not to earn money, but to bother users conscientiously. It has an installation wizard, as if it were a normal software program. However, when you install it, it performs the following actions: disables the Start button, the options Run and Find, the Control Panel, the Windows Updates, the context menus, the Notification area, the Task Manager, and it hides the watch, among other actions.

It also runs Windows Pinball, the only “funny” thing it has. But don’t get your hopes up, just after that, it restarts the computer… Finally, it also creates  a schedule task in order to restart the computer every three hours (it sleeps at night, as it is not executed from 0:00 to 6:00). You can download a video of this Trojan in action by clicking here.

All the information about the Trojan (Trj/ShotOne.A) can be found in our Malware Encyclopedia.

Thanks to Ainhoa Gutiérrez for this one.