On several occasions we have discusses the need for effective protection against Advanced Persistent Threats in corporate environments, however, do companies really know what we are talking about? Are they ready to implement such protection?

Fernando Andrés, Global Panda Advanced Protection Service General Manager, helps us clarify the meaning of this concept and explains how Panda Security’s corporate solutions are the best fit for corporate needs.

  • What are Advanced Persistent Threats?

Simply put, I would define them as Threats 3.0. They are the evolution of the threats that have always existed in the digital world, but extremely sophisticated and overwhelming in number. All of them have the following features in common: they are financially motivated, extremely selective and, unfortunately, perfectly capable of bypassing traditional defenses.

  • What are the biggest security threats that companies face today?

Every threat that goes after a company’s most precious asset: sensitive corporate information and any other data that can be easily monetized by attackers, such as credit card data, for example.

  • Adaptive Defense leverages state-of-the-art technologies praised by analysts, customers and partners in the technology industry. What is the solution’s differentiating factor?

The differentiating factor is that Adaptive Defense is capable of stopping and blocking advanced threats. It neutralizes what others cannot as shown to many of our customers.

adaptive defense

This has been possible thanks to the effort of our R+D department, which has pioneered the application of technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data and Collective Intelligence to the IT security world. We have developed a service designed to constantly audit network resources, detecting and blocking advanced threats, and ensuring immediate response to computer security incidents.

  • What type of company is Adaptive Defense designed for?

Corporate customers without doubt. Companies of a certain size with sensitive information they need to protect. Our experience shows that Adaptive Defense is best suited for companies with more than 100 employees.

  •  Why should a company install Adaptive Defense?

Because it works. It stops these particularly dangerous threats, protecting businesses.

  • The last few months have been dominated by a particularly destructive malware –CryptoLocker– and Adaptive Defense is the only product that can detect it. How can this type of malware affect a company?

CryptoLocker is designed to blackmail businesses by stealing their most valuable asset: corporate data. CryptoLocker can really sink a company. Would you hire the services of a company which left your personal or financial data exposed?

As I mentioned before, Adaptive Defense provides unique benefits. It has shown its full potential detecting what other vendors can’t detect or detect too late. Unlike other solutions that act reactively when the damage is done, we deliver proactive protection.  This new approach has increased the demand for this type of service, especially among corporate accounts.