We are sure that many of you have considered closing your Facebook account. A group of researchers from the University of Vienna wanted to know the reasons that lead people to do it, and how many people actually carry out the plan.

In total, they studied the behavior of 310 people who had left Facebook, and compared it with a group of active users on the social network.

They found that 71.5 % of the people who shut their accounts were men with an average age of 31, and until the moment they left, were very active, with almost two hours of daily use. In addition, their account was active for several years and had an average of 133 friends from some 40 countries.

On the other hand, the model of active users was female and younger (an average age of 24). There were similarities when looking at the number of friends, daily use of the network and age.

The researchers asked deserters for their reasons to leave Facebook. Half highlighted its concern for privacy. 13.5% of them were “disgusted” by the network, and 12% blamed social peer pressure that came from their Facebook friends.

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Do you know someone who has closed their Facebook account, or who has never wanted to be part of it?


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