How does WannaCry work?

The WannaCry global attack, which hit 200,000 computers in at least 150 countries a few days ago, has set a milestone in the history of cyber-crime, and has made businesses of all types more aware of the importance of having a good cyber-security defense to avoid having their reputation and balance sheet compromised.

Today’s attacks are more complex and professional than ever before, and their numbers and evolution make it necessary to get ahead of malicious behaviors. Visibility is key to having a privileged position to defend yourself in the age of 3.0 cyber-attacks: companies are now divided into those which have been hit by a cyber-attack and know it, and those which have also been breached but don’t even know about it. Sometimes, an unusual behavior is attributed to a system malfunction when, in reality, it is the consequence of a cyber-attack.

Despite the global cyber-attack #WannaCry has already been covered and explained by the media, here at Panda Security we have decided to prepare a video that will help you understand how WannaCry works and how to protect your business with Adaptive Defense.

Cyber-security recommendations

It is very possible that new attacks will emerge with variants that take advantage of the vulnerability exploited in EternalBlue, but using other malicious applications. Follow these simple recommendations and avoid paying a Ransomware Cyber-Insurance or sanctions for non-compliance of the General Rules of the European Data Protection:

  • Use adequate protection tools such as next-generation anti-virus / anti-malware solutions against advanced attacks and firewalls.
  • Update computers with the latest security patches published by the manufacturer.
  • Do not open files, attachments, or links from untrusted emails, or respond to this type of email.
  • Take caution when following links in emails, instant messaging, and social networks, even if they come from known contacts.
  • Make periodic backups of your data, especially on the most sensitive or important of your devices.

Become WannaCry to WannaSaveU  is very simple. Protect your business with the advanced cybersecurity of Adaptive Defense.