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Facebook is not only the social network with most users, but also it’s probably the one on which people share most information about their likes, habits, places they go and even where they are at any given moment.

That’s why it’s so important to be aware of the potential dangers and to know how to increase the privacy and security of your Facebook account, so as to avoid revealing information about your whereabouts to those who may use this information maliciously.


5 tips to help keep your Facebook account secure

1. Strengthen your password

This is hardly new advice but nevertheless it is essential, and we won’t tire of repeating it. Moreover, this doesn’t just apply to social networks; your passwords should be as strong as possible on all the sites you use.

Avoid using successive numbers, personal names or using the same password for all your accounts. Mix letters and numbers and other characters. Just remember that if someone can guess your password to access your Facebook account, they can find out as much about you as your close friends and family know.


2. Be careful which ads you trust

It’s easy to download malicious apps through ads on Facebook. A few months ago, for example, when Android users accessed their account from their smartphones, they discovered a “Suggested Post” advertising WhatsApp tools such as: “Want to know how to see your friends’ chats on WhatsApp? Find out here! ”

However, if you clicked on the ad you would download a free app that was really a Trojan that subscribed you to a premium-rate SMS service.

Be suspicious of anything unknown that sounds too good to be true!

3. Check your active sessions

Your personal PC, your work computer, your smartphone, your tablet…  there are now many devices on which you can have sessions open on Facebook all at the same time. That’s why when you go to connect from a public system or from a device that doesn’t belong to you, make sure you close the session properly.

If you want you can see ‘Where You’re Logged In’ on Facebook. You might be surprised.


Secure Facebook

Security on Facebook

Active sessions on Facebook

If you think that any of the sessions are not yours, you should click on ‘End Activity’.


4. Don’t pay much attention to unknown offers or events

Watch out for the ‘fantastic offers’ and bargains that are promoted with events on Facebook. One such event, supposedly organized by Zara, was ‘attended by’ hundreds of thousands of users hoping to win a gift voucher worth 500 Euros.

The whole thing turned out to be a scam,  which after you filled in some forms, once again subscribed you to a premium-rate SMS service.

Beware of any such offers organized by people you don’t know.


5. Configure your privacy settings

You really don’t need everyone on Facebook to know what you do, where you eat or your favorite team. That’s why you should configure your privacy settings so you can decide who sees what.

Facebook offers many options to adjust your privacy to what suits you and to protect you from those who might use your information with bad intentions.

Do you want to configure the privacy of your Facebook account?


Put these simple tips into practice and you’ll increase the privacy and security of your account. It will only take a little time!