rescue kit

On many occasions, we have spoken of the functionalities of Panda Internet Security 2014, but today we are going to tell you how you can keep your computer free of malware and inappropriate content in 5 easy steps:

1. When you are in trouble, utilize the Rescue Kit

2. Panda Internet Security 2014 provides the fastest analysis on the market

3. Do not be afraid to shop online with fraud protection

4. You can enjoy the multimedia world: watch movies online and play games uninterrupted. Watch without being disturbed

5. Access to the best technical support

How to Maximize the Most out of the Rescue Kit

We are sure that you have received the call from a friend in distress that they cannot boot their PC due to a computer virus.

The Rescue Kit, which you will find in the section ‘Analysis’ of Panda Internet security, will allow you to recover any PC that has been infected by a virus.

You can use it to help your friends or to disinfect a PC with an antivirus. All you need is a USB and the process will launch, creating a rescue disk that will scan and disinfect any PC very easily.

rescue usb drive

As we’ve mentioned, the process is very simple, but you can always count on our online support or with our technical team for any questions that may arise.

We’ll cover some of the other strengths Panda Internet Security 2014 has to share soon! Stay tuned!