Today, at 18:00 (GMT + 1), the 2nd Security Blogger Summit will open at the Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid). Organized by Panda, the three-hour Summit will consist of a roundtable discussion, bringing together several American and Spanish security experts:

  • Kurt Weismer, renowned security opinion leader and author of the blog
  • Brian Krebs, investigative journalist and editor of Krebs on Security ( He has worked at the Washington Post as a writer on one of the blogs
  • Marcelo Rivero, founder and leader of
  • Joseph Menn, journalist from the Financial Times USA and author of the recently released cyber-crime book, Fatal System Error: The Hunt for the New Crime Lords Who are Bringing Down the Internet.
  • John Leyden, editor of The Register
  • Yago Jesus, security expert and member of
  • Alejandro Suarez, one of the most influential Internet figures and president of Ocio Networks, Grupo Publispain, Inversora Foley and founder of He also has a professional blog (
  • Marc Cortes, expert in electronic marketing, communication and social media. Founder and co-organizer of cava&twitts, and leader of
  • Javier Sanz is in charge of one of the most popular technology websites in Spain
  • Paloma Llaneza, manager of Razona Legaltech ( and President of AEDEL (

This edition will focus on Internet users’ security, including education and awareness issues; legislative regulations, inter-country coordination and privacy limits, as well as initiatives and actions required to improve the security situation.

The event can be followed through streaming at: The web of the summit is:

The live event can be followed in English or Spanish. Both languages will be available.

In addition, all of those interested in publishing the event on its web, blog, etc, can do it by including this code:

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