Last week I wrote about an Akismet modified plugin for WordPress which we are using as a blog comment spam honeypot. Recently the honeypot caught an interesting comment whose content was only a link to a website:
hxxp:// (do not visit this link)

Basically this site is advertising a program that removes infections from the Conficker virus. It allows you to download the supposed “remover” but all this does is show you a window where you can enter the “removal registration key” and prompts you to buy a key for $19.

Of course the entire thing is just a fraud. If you happen to fall for it, the only thing this program does is to launch a real Conficker Remover from a well known antivirus company, which you can get for free anyway.

If you do happen to suspect having an infection, make sure to scan your PC with Panda ActiveScan or simply install Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition, Editor’s Choice for Best Free Antivirus.