Last week a new Java 0-Day was spotted in the wild . In short, anyone with Java installed and enabled in his browser could be easily infected while visiting any website that was using the exploit to take advantage of the latest Java’s security hole.

What can we do to protect ourselves? I give you 2 different options:

1.- Oracle has released a patch, update your Java to avoid cybercriminals infecting your computer using this exploit.

2.-Disable Java. Millions of users have Java installed and they never use it. If that is your case, you should uninstall it. If you have doubts, disable it, and once you verify that all your programs and web sites are working smoothly uninstall it. To be sure it is not longer in your computer, visit this web where you should get the following message:


And of course don’t click the button below the message or it will be installed again 😉

Update 22-01-2012: our Panda Cloud Antivirus team has been studying how this vulnerability works and it turns out that we were proactively protecting against it, you can read the details in their blog.