Advanced Persistent Threat

Speaking with Gartner about Advanced Persistent Threats

Despite the continuous and growing investments in computer security –Gartner estimated that in 2013 enterprises spent more than $13 billion on firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, endpoint protection platforms and secure Web gateways–, it is...


Panda Antivirus for Mac, compatible with Yosemite

Some days ago, Apple announced the launch of the new version of OS X: Yosemite, available for free from the Mac App Store. As always, at Panda we have strived to fulfill our aim of providing protection for Mac users and today we can announce that...

Panda Free Antivirus

The origins of the new Panda Free Antivirus

The launch of Panda Security’s 2015 product lineup comes with a surprise. Panda Cloud Antivirus has become Panda Free Antivirus. But what are the differences between the products? What can you expect from the best FREE antivirus? What does the...

Panda 2015 team

Presentation of the 2015 Consumer Antivirus Solutions

Today is not just another Monday! Aching muscles, photos in red jumpsuits, exciting stories… What are we talking about? About the presentation of our 2015 product line, of course! Unashamedly proud of our new XMT scan engine, on Friday we decided...

best antivirus

Winners of the ‘Betatester 2015′ competition

At last we can announce the names of the winners of the Panda Global Protection 2015 beta competition! Our Betatester of the Year and winner of €600 is: Saravana Kumar S., India The winners of €200 are: Anil Kumar E.S, India Jayakrishnan P.,...

Panda Global Protection 2015 Beta

Test the Panda Global Protection 2015 beta and win €600!

  Today we are happy to announce the launch of the beta version of one of our solutions: Panda Global Protection 2015. Would you like to test it? Become the best beta tester and win €600! Want to know more about everything Panda Global...