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I have bought my antivirus, now what?

Now, we help you getting started with your product.

Have you renewed your product but you still don´t have the latest Panda 2016?
Find out how to upgrade your antivirus.

Get started



To download your Panda product, access the welcome email sent by Panda Security.

How to download Panda 2016

The welcome email is sent by Panda as soon after you purchase your Panda 2016 product from the web and it contains everything you need to install your product: the link to the installation file, and the activation code.

Look in your inbox for the email sent from with subject: Welcome to Panda Security and click on the download button.

welcome email

welcome email

If you cannot find it, contact our Customer Service department at:

For further information on the download process, refer to the Support article: How to download and install Panda 2016 ?

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To start the installation, double-click on the file you previously downloaded from the welcome email.

How to install Panda 2016

1. If you have the CD-ROM version, enter it and double-click the Install.exe file.

2. In the first screen of the installation wizard, the Activation Code will be pre-filled in the text box. Otherwise, you need to enter it manually. For further information, refer to What is the Activation Code and where can I find it?


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3Create Account

Continue with the installation wizard, and after clicking Accept and Install, create your Panda Account.

How to create my Panda Account

1. Enter your email address from the Account selection screen and click Continue to create your Panda Account.

create my Panda Account

2. Verify your Panda Account from the activation email you will find in your inbox.

Note that if you had at some point previously created an account, all you need to do is enter is your password.

3. Access your email, locate the Panda Account activation email, open it and select Activate your account!

create my Panda Account

4. Don’t forget to validate your Panda Account to complete the Panda installation process.

create my Panda Account

That's it! You are all set to start using Panda 2016 products.

If you need further information on your Panda 2016 product, access the Support pages:

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Knowledge Base


Check the help articles and other useful contents to resolve your questions on getting started with your product.




Get started



1. Download and install Panda Mobile Security from: or by scanning the QR code below:

QR code

2.Once installed, follow the getting started wizard, click Activate and enter your Activation Code. You will find the Activation Code either on the welcome email sent by Panda (for online purchases) or in the product box.

Activation Code

2Create Account

The last step of the wizard will ask you to create your Panda Account. Your account will allow to:


  • Manage your services.
  • Locate your mobile device, lock it or wipe the data in case of loss or theft.
  • Access Technical Support.

For more information, refer to What are the benefits of your Panda Account?



This step is optional yet very useful in case of loss or theft of your mobile device. If you activate the Panda Anti-Theft protection, you will be able to remotely locate or lock your device and even erase the data on your device so that no one can make inappropriate use of it.


  • Access the Anti-Theft option in the application menu and click Activate.
  • Follow the wizard and click Activate permissions to enable administration permissions to the Anti-Theft feature.
  • Click Activate on the Activate device administrator? screen.
  • The final step after setting permissions will ask you to sign in to your Panda account to locate, lock or erase the content of the device remotely in case of loss or theft.

For more information, check the Panda Mobile Security Support page.