Limitless Visibility, Absolute Control

See everything, control everything, protect everything

The Brain

The intelligent cyber-security platform designed to eradicate advanced threats.

Contextual Intelligence

The platform leverages contextual intelligence to reveal patterns of malicious behavior and generate defensive strategies to counter known and unknown threats.

It analyzes, categorizes and correlates all the data obtained about cyber-threats in order to initiate prevention, detection, response and remediation routines.

Next-Generation Endpoint Security

Advanced cyber-security to counter malware, with prevention, detection and remediation capabilities.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Monitoring, collecting and categorization of 100% of the active processes on all the organization’s endpoints

Malware Intelligence Platform

The correlation of data on cyber-threats configures a security intelligence system able to uncover patterns of malicious behavior.

Advanced threats are gone

The Platform connects contextual intelligence with defensive operations to pre-empt malicious behavior and data leaks.

This way, protection systems can be activated before threats are executed.

Complete advanced protection for endpoints and servers to eradicate the malware.

Numbers don’t lie

Not a single device in ‘lock’ mode has been infected.


It has detected malware in 100% of the environments in which it has been installed, regardless of the protection solutions in place.

It keeps more than 15,000 corporate customers safe around the world.


We have blocked more than 2,300,000 security breaches in 2016 alone.

End users are not impacted in any way.


Every day it analyzes, logs, correlates and categorizes more than 1TB of data about all types of cyber-threats.

This new security model protects more than 1,250,000 endpoints and servers.


It has categorized over 3.5 million applications to date.
Surpassing 2 Billion in total, counting those that have already been categorized by our Collective Intelligence technology over the course of Panda’s history.