The platform delivers a complete cyber-security infrastructure, comprising a suite of services that connect contextual intelligence with the solutions that implement remedial actions on endpoints.


Next-Generation Endpoint Security

Advanced next generation protection against malware with prevention, detection and remediation capabilities.

Flexible cyber-security that adapts to all IT environments and corporate ecosystems, delivering an immediate response to attacks.

Intelligent protection based on the behavior of malware and contextual knowledge. It is able to detect and block advanced threats including ATPs, zero-day and targeted attacks and ransomware.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Monitoring and categorization of 100% of active processes on all corporate endpoints in order to initiate actions to detect, block, investigate and remediate threats.

It can trace and analyze the entire information flow on the network to pre-empt data leaks and any other malicious activity.

Malware Intelligence Platform

The platform analyzes and correlates all the information generated about cyber-threats, connecting several data sources in real time to uncover malicious behavior patterns and generate advanced cyber-security action to pre-empt malware.

The platform blends contextual intelligence with defensive strategies.

The Model

Continuous Endpoint Visibility and Cloud Big Data Analytics


Blocking applications and isolating systems to prevent future attacks


Forensic information for in-depth analysis of every attempted attack


Traceability and visibility of every action taken by running applications


Targeted and zero-day attacks are blocked in real-time without signature files