Enjoy this limited-time offer of 50% off all plans!


Enjoy this limited-time offer of 50% off all plans!


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Install and forget

You'll never have to worry about updating it or making complicated changes to its settings.


Maximum virus detection rate

Enjoy real-time protection at all times and up-to-the-minute updates.


All the work is done from the cloud

You won’t need to store files or daily updates.

New computers need protection too. Discover the benefits of our plans:

$ 49.99 $ 59.99 $ 89.99
Gratis $ 24.99 $ 29.99 $ 44.99
Save 50% Save 50% Save 50%
Basic antivirus protection
Free VPN (limit of 150MB/day). Browse the Internet anonymously from a virtual location
Scan USB drives and other external devices to prevent unwanted infections
Real-time protection for Mac and Android devices
Firewall for Windows devices
Protect your Wi-Fi network from hackers and piggybacking neighbors
Dark Web Scanner
Parental control - Monitor and limit your children's online activities and app usage
Protect your identity while you browse, shop, or bank online
Protection against ransomware cyberattacks and other advanced threats
Data shield - Encrypt your confidential data
Password manager - Create uncrackable passwords and access them with a single master key
Cleanup - Get rid of unnecessary files that take up disk space and can slow down your devices
$ 49.99 $ 59.99 $ 89.99
Gratis $ 24.99 $ 29.99 $ 44.99
Save 50% Save 50% Save 50%
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Find out why you need more advanced protection

Do you browse and shop online? Do it safely

One of the main concerns when shopping online is the security of your credit cards, banking data, and passwords.With our technology, you’ll be safe from hackers.

Furthermore, it detects ransomware cyberattacks (where data is hijacked unless a ransom is paid) and other advanced threats.

Included in:

Do you know what can happen if you connect to a Wi-Fi network without protection?

Your smartphone and computer will be allowing people with malicious intentions to access your data. It's like leaving your front door open!

Our Wi-Fi Protection improves the security of your network. It allows you to see which computers have connected to your Wi-Fi network and to identify and block potential intruders, even if they are no longer connected. Also, with our firewall you will be able to identify and block the most common viruses.

Included in:

Are you worried about your children's exposure to the Internet?

Children today have access to the latest technologies and, consequently, are also exposed to their dangers.

With our Parental Control, you‘ll be able to block and limit access to mobile apps with a PIN, as well as to the Internet and its contents.

Included in:

Your computer gets slower every day and you don’t know why?

You probably need to free up space on your Windows computer. But, how?

With Cleanup, you can delete unnecessary files and speed up your computer.

Increase your computer’s startup speed by enabling only those programs that are required by the boot engine, and clean your Windows operating system. You don’t need to do anything, we’ll remove the clutter.

Included in:

Do you use the same password for everything?

Many apps and web pages ask you to sign up and create an account with a password. And, in order to ensure security, you should use a different password for each of them... but you probably end up using the same passwords for different pages because remembering them all would be impossible, right? This practice makes you vulnerable to data theft.

With our Password Generator, save and sync all your passwords across all your devices with a single master key.

Plus, you’ll be able to create encrypted passwords, autofill online forms, and create secure notes to store, for example, your Wi-Fi passwords.

Included in:

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