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Panda Dome Family

Much more than just parental control

Protect your kids from Internet dangers

Such as access to inappropriate content, mobile device addiction, or unauthorized online purchases.



Family gives you the peace of mind you deserve
Did my child arrive home safely?
Find out immediately where your children are thanks to the real-time GPS tracking feature.

Panda Dome Family enables you to configure "safe areas" and alerts you every time your children enter or leave those areas.

It is also ideal if you have elders requiring monitoring under your care.

My kids spend too much time on their phones, how can I stop that?

Block or set time limits on apps and devices to prevent addiction.

Plus, you can limit Internet access to specific hours.

Are my children exposed to inappropriate content?

View a history of all the apps and social media sites used by your kids (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.), see how much time they spend online, and limit usage time.

Make the most of all its features
  • See where your kids are in real time
  • Get alerts when they arrive at or leave predefined areas
  • Block or set time limits for mobile device usage*
  • Locate your devices in the event of loss or theft*
  • *Feature available on Android devices only

  • Wipe your smartphone’s data remotely*
  • View usage reports for apps*
  • Block or set time limits on apps and games*
  • Panic button in case of emergency
  • View your children’s location history (for the past 30 days)

*Feature available on Android devices only

It's very simple

1. Install the app on your family’ devices

2. Choose a role for each user and configure their permissions

3. Relax knowing they are protected!

Panda Dome Family
Internet security and protection for your family