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SURF SAFE - Download free plug-in for your browser

Web of Trust - a free browser add-on that keeps you safe when you surf and shop on the Internet.

In today’s risky online environment, we recommend using WOT Web of Trust in a layered approach to security. The WOT browser add-on helps you avoid online scams, identify theft, unreliable shopping sites and security threats before you click.

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WOT is a community for reputation rating that lets Internet users share their knowledge of websites, helping you stay in control when surfing the Web. As you browse or search on popular sites like Google, you will see a tiny icon beside the link—green for go, yellow for proceed with caution and red for stop. WOT warns you about sites with security threats like spyware, viruses, rogue software and browser exploits; annoyances like pop-ups and spam; personal data threats like identify theft and phishing, and unreliable online shops.

The WOT add-on works with the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, and it is free.

Add WOT to your browser now and surf safer!

for Firefox
for Internet Explorer