Remote access


Remote access is a new feature that lets you connect to your computer, across the Internet, from wherever you are. To use this feature, your computer must be switched on and remote access must be installed and enabled. In this case, and if you have configured remote access correctly, you can access and work with your computer from any other computer on the Internet. You do not need to have remote access installed on the computer from which you are accessing your own. You can access from any computer with an Internet connection, preferably with broadband.  


In addition to allowing you to use your computer remotely, remote access also offers other useful features, including:

Communications between both computers with remote access are properly encrypted and include a digital signature to prevent interception by third parties.


The remote access feature has its own detailed Help file with all the information you need to get the most out of this feature.


Remote access is not installed by default. You can install it from Start > All programs > > Additional tools > Install remote access. Once installed, you can access remote access from the menu in Start > All programs > .