How to create a Rescue Disk


The Rescue CD lets you start the computer, in case of emergency, from a virus-free environment. To create the Rescue CD, you will have to download an .ISO image which you will then have to burn on a CD. Make sure you have a blank CD to hand and follow these steps:

  1. Click here to download the .ISO image of the Rescue Disk (130 MB approx.).

  2. Save the file to any folder on your computer. If you prefer, create the folder c:\disk and save it there.

  3. Use your CD/DVD-burning software to burn the downloaded file to the blank CD. To do this, use the option that lets you burn ISO images to disk. For more information on how to do this, refer to the Help files of your CD-burning software.

  4. Once you have created the CD, label it and keep it in a safe place.

How to use the Rescue Disk

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