How can I send a file to the virus laboratory?


This can be done in two different ways:

From the Quarantine

  1. Select the Quarantine option in the program window.

  2. Select the files in Quarantine that you want to send to us.

  3. Select the Send to option in the Quarantine panel.

  4. Each of the files selected will be scanned for viruses. If the files are not infected a message indicating that will be displayed. In addition, you will be asked to confirm if you really want to send the file. Click Yes.

  5. A wizard will be launched, which will remind you must have an open connection to Internet. Click Next.

  6. The list of files selected will be displayed. All of these files will be sent to be analyzed. At this point you can remove any of the files from the list. To do this, select the files and click the Remove files button. When you have completed the list of files that you want to send click on Next.

  7. The size of the message to be sent will be displayed. You can cancel the operation by clicking Cancel.

From the Services menu

  1. Select the Services option from the main program window.

  2. Select the option Send suspicious files to PandaLabs.

  3. This will display the instructions that will allow you to send suspicious files.

  4. Follow the instructions displayed.