What can I do with quarantined files?


quarantines all neutralized threats for the time required to analyze them, before taking any action on them. Depending on the type of threat, will make the most appropriate decision in each case.


If a file turns out to be malware, will remove it automatically after seven days. In the case of suspicious files, will keep them in quarantine for a reasonable time until it determines whether they are dangerous or not. Adware and other types of potentially unwanted programs are kept in quarantine indefinitely until you make a decision about them.


This way, ensures the security of your PC and lets you decide what to do with quarantined items. This can be useful should you need to recover a file or program that has been neutralized. You make this decision under your own responsibility (although it is not advisable to do so). You can also completely delete the files and programs you want.


Additionally, if you decided to restore an item from quarantine and later you want to quarantine it again, you can also do it.


Remember that if you don't want to scan a file or folder, you can exclude it from the scans through the Exclusions tab. Refer to the Exclusions section in the Advanced settings.


From the quarantine you can:

Restore files:

To do this, select a file or program from the list and click Restore. Then, confirm your decision in the confirmation window.


When you restore a file, it will be returned to its original location and you can use it normally. Remember, if you're not sure, it is not a good idea to restore files from quarantine.


Note: When you restore a file or program, all related files used by the program will also be restored.


Delete files:

When you delete a file or program, you will also delete all associated files. To delete a file or program and all associated files, select it from the list and click Delete. Remember that you cannot undo an action once you have deleted a file, and you cannot recover associated files.


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