Adding a product to an existing, expired or canceled client

•  Click the Status menu at the top of the console, and go to the client’s details by clicking their name in the list in the Monitoring section.

•  If the client was canceled less than 90 days ago, or the product was canceled or has expired, they will continue to appear in Panda Partner Center in case the partner wishes to reassign the product.

• Click the Add product button.

•  Select the characteristics of the product to be added to the client:



License type

Use the drop-down menu to select a trial license or commercial license.


Select the product to assign to the client.

If you select Panda Systems Management, a message will be displayed asking you to choose the management model to apply to the product. Refer to section Service management models for Systems Management and bundles.


Depending on the selected product, you can choose the management platform (Aether or Traditional). Click the link Learn more about the Aether platform for more information on the differences between the platforms. Refer to section Modules available to check the compatibility of the modules and platforms available.

If you select Aether Platform, a message will be displayed asking you if you would like to manage the product centrally. Refer to section Service management models for Aether-based products.


Select the number of licenses to assign. If you select an amount higher than the number of licenses available in the pool, a warning will be displayed.


Select the license duration (1, 2 or 3 years). If you select a period you have no licenses for, a warning will be displayed.

Additional modules

Depending on the product and platform selected, you can assign additional module licenses. Except Panda Full Encryption, it is not possible to specify the number of licenses for the additional modules as it will be the same number as for the main product.


•   Click Add to complete the process of assigning a product to a client.

 As a result of this process, the number of licenses in the partner’s pool will drop proportionally and the new license contract will be visible in the client’s details The license assignment operation will  be reflected in the My available licenses section of the Status menu. Refer to section Viewing the license status.

Adding products supported by the management module

If the product to be added is Panda Systems Management, Panda Fusion or Panda Fusion 360, a window will appear to select the type of management: client managed or partner managed.