Heuristic protection settings


graf_SP\Prot_heuristica_shg.gif To access the heuristic protection settings, click the Settings menu of the main console window, and select Heuristic.


The heuristic protection detects viruses that are not yet cataloged. The same protocols as those configured for the antivirus protection will be scanned by the heuristic protection.


Select Enable unknown threats protection to activate the heuristic protection. The heuristic scan options are only available when this checkbox is enabled.


Sensitivity level

The sensitivity level of the heuristic scan specifies the tolerance level of the protection to suspicious files. The higher the level of sensitivity, the higher the protection, but also the risks of a legitimate message being classified as suspicious.




The actions that can be taken are:

Click Mail server settings to specify the SMTP server that will be used to redirect mail. For more information about how to configure the mail server, click here.