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How does the automatic assignment to groups by IP work in Aether?

Information applies to:

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 on Aether PlatformPanda Adaptive Defense on Aether Platform
Panda Endpoint Protection on Aether PlatformPanda Endpoint Protection Plus on Aether Platform

Importing IP-based assignment rules to existing groups

Follow the steps below to add IP addresses to an existing group:

  1. Select the context menu of a native group other than the All group and select the Import IP-based assignment rules option. A window will open for you to drag a file with the IP addresses to add.
  2. This file must consist of one or more lines with the following format:
    • For individual IP addresses, add a line per address:

      .\Group\Group\Group (tab) IP
    • For IP ranges, add a line per range:

      Group\Group\Group (tab)LowEndIP-HighEndIP
    • All specified paths will be interpreted by Panda Adaptive Defense 360 as belonging to the tree branch selected.
    • If the groups indicated in the file do not already exist, Panda Adaptive Defense 360 will create them and assign the specified IP addresses to them.
  3. Click Import. The IP addresses will be assigned to the groups indicated in the file. Additionally, the icons in the group tree will be updated to reflect the changes in the group type.

    NOTE: All IP addresses previously assigned to an IP-based group will be deleted when importing a file with new group-IP pairs.

    Once the process is complete, all new computers that are integrated into Panda Adaptive Defense 360 will be moved to the relevant groups based on their IP addresses.
Export allocation rules by IPs

To export a file with the IP group rules already assigned, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the context menu of an IP-based group, and select the option Export IP-based assignment rules. A .CSV file will be downloaded, containing the IP-based assignment rules defined for the group and all its child groups..
  2. The .CSV file format is the one specified in section Importing IP-based assignment rules to existing groups.
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