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Free antispyware test

Free antispyware test

Did you know that 9 in 10 users are infected by spyware? It is highly probable that your computer is affected and you don't know. Find out in just a few minutes and completely free.

You start up your computer, connect to the Internet, but... what's going on?

  • The home page of your browser is not the usual page, it has changed!
  • Annoying pop-ups appear advertising you don't know what. When you close one, another one opens.
  • And who has placed a new toolbar in the browser without your permission?
  • And to top it all, everything is going much slower...

If you have experienced any of these situations, it is quite probable that spyware has gotten into your computer. Scan your PC free with Panda ActiveScan and find out in just a few minutes!

Panda ActiveScan

To give you a more accurate idea of the probability that spyware is installed on your computer; according to a recent report compiled by Webroot and Earthlink, spyware is installed in 9 in every 10 computers*. And many users are not aware of this!

What's more, this threat represents 84 percent of the malware usually detected by Panda ActiveScan, our online solution that detects spyware and eliminates all types of viruses. Check if there is any spyware on your PC now!

One final recommendation: don't forget that in order to protect yourself from spyware you need to install permanent protection on your computer.

* Full details in our white paper ‘The spyware problem: learn how to protect yourself'.