Virus Bulletin

PCOP, a tool for security and to control productivity from Panda Security, achieved the VB100 certification from  Virus Bulletin in the recent analysis for Windows Server 2012.

To get this certificate, Panda Cloud Office Protection has been subjected to several tests along with other security solutions. To exceed 100% of the tests with a certification of 2 (where 0 is the best and 39 the worst) Virus Bulletin states that the results Panda Security corporate product received is excellent.

The 4 Tests That Virus Bulletin Performed on Panda Cloud Office Protection:

  • Performance Test: a test in which Panda Security consumed 15.5% less resources than the rest of the competitors
  • Stress Test: which showed that Panda is 20.5% lighter than its competitors
  • Response Test: in which Panda Security is 6.9% more efficient than competitors
  • File Access Lag Time Test: Panda Security tested to be 27.8% faster than the average competitor

The following infographic shows the comparison of the results obtained by Panda Security to the rest of its competitors.

Virus Bulletin VB100 Certification Granted to Panda Cloud Office Protection