Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has announced that the latest Panda GateDefender Virtual eSeries solution has been adopted by chilled Logistics provider Peter Green Chilled.

With a portfolio of Warehouse, Transportation, EDI and reporting systems, Peter Green Chilled ensure the cold-goods entrusted to them arrive where and when required. Alex Huxham, IT Manager at Peter Green Chilled, stated “we needed a flexible Unified Threat Management ‘appliance’ to protect our network which consists of both physical and virtual endpoints, plus the need to provide remote VPNs and data connections all within bandwidth constraints”.

Cost-Savings and Flexibility for Peter Green Chilled

“By consolidating our webhosting, firewall, antispam and content filtering, we found the GateDefender paid for itself almost immediately”, advises Huxham, continuing “the management interface alone is reason enough to purchase the Panda GateDefender, it’s never been so easy to configure a UTM”.

The virtual version of the Panda GateDefender was of special interest to Peter Green Chilled, as it provides the flexibility to scale up the UTM as-and-when required, with no initial hardware expense and simplifying disaster recovery options.

“The GateDefender Virtual version is compatible with all major (VMware, Xen/Citrix & KVM) virtualization engines”, explains Miriam Serna, Global Product Manager at Panda Security, “which allows administrators to easily consolidate the IT services supported by the company, improving reliability, flexibility and scalability and reducing ownership costs”.

Greater Control, Greater Security

“A major part of Peter Green Chilled knowledge flow is the timely dissemination of logistical information”, Huxham complements the configurability of the UTM “as the Panda GateDefender allows us to provide access to Business Intelligence to those required, while ensuring our network is always locked down against bad-guys”.

The all-in-one GateDefender security provides an additional layer to the endpoint protection, also provided by Panda Security. The UTM halts malware, spam and intrusion attempts at the perimeter before infecting the whole network, freeing up the IT team to focus on other matters.

You can download the case study to see how Peter Green Chilled are making use of the UTM.

More information about Panda GateDefender Virtual eSeries here