What we’ve learned from the first two debates and what to expect from the last one?

One of the major questions discussed during the 1st presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was about cyber security. We were secretly hoping that questions about cyber safety will be part of the topic list in the 2nd debate too but unfortunately this was not exactly the case.
Discussions around Donald Trump’s recently leaked “locker room talk” recording ended up being a bit more entertaining for the moderators than the cyber future of the free world. However, we hope the cyber security topic will be discussed again in the third and final presidential debate scheduled for later today.

The next president of the United States of America will have to make some hard decisions. See what they are below;

Government and private institutions are under attack!

Both candidates admitted that there is a 21st century war that is happening right now and right here in the USA. Even though that USA is certainly one of the dominating powers in this area, secrets are being stolen from both public and private sectors on a daily basis.

Hundreds of thousands of people and businesses are being affected by cybercrimes every year.

Who is behind it and how to tackle the problem?
According to Hillary Clinton, the threat is coming from organized cyber gangs as well as states. Even though there is no hard proof, there’s been speculation that North Korea, Iran, Russia and China have been behind some of the cyber-attacks executed on US soil. How are these issues going to be dealt with? Stay tuned.

How dangerous are whistle-blowers?

This is the question we will most likely see tonight. Pressuring Ecuador to cut off the internet of Julian Assange is not doing USA any good. Countries such as Russia welcome whistle-blowers. Are whistle-blowers heroes protecting the first amendment or traitors? We would love to hear the thoughts of the next president of the USA.
Being president of the free world is arguably one of the toughest jobs in the world.

Just one thing is sure, the debate later today will be fierce!