There’s good news and bad news…  which do you want to hear first?

I like to end my blog posts on a good note, so let’s start with the bad news…

A new unpatched Adobe Reader/Flash 0day vulnerability (CVE-2010-1297) is currently being exploited in the wild. The attack starts of with a malicious PDF which contains an embedded shellcode, swf file, and executable.   Many antivirus labs are currently struggling to protect their customers from this threat, as there are no fixes available as of yet.

So what’s the good news, you ask?  The good news is that the new behavioral blocking technology inside of the free version of Cloud Antivirus is able to detect and eliminate this 0day threat!

At PandaLabs, we’re constantly working around the clock to protect our customers against these threats.

Special thanks to David Sanchez and the rest of the PandaLabs team!