Twitter viruses

One day you’re viewing your Twitter timeline and suddenly, “Go! A direct message from your friend Andres … says that he loves my photo…to see…” You click on the link and… You just infected your Twitter account! This is usually the beginning of a long chain of infections that can spread viruses to other contacts, or theft of your account until your identity is stolen.

How to Remove Malicious SPAM from Your Social Network

1. How Do I Detect It? Direct messages in Spanish, Russian tweets, accounts re-tweets or new followers from people you don’t know anything about … these are the signs that your Twitter account has been hacked or altered.

2. How Do These Viruses Spread? They usually spread through links in which the victim has to enter their information to be able to see an image, news story or something funny. They use photos and names known by the victim through their contacts, hoping that he/she follows the necessary instructions to expand the virus.

3. What if My Account Has Been Infected? The first thing you should do is change your password. After, review applications that have access to your account and verify that all are known.

Sometimes applications of doubtful origin are installed in the profile, and updated without authorization. If you suspect any problems, delete the application, there will be always be time to give access again if you need it.

4. Some of my Twitter contacts are in another language, or they have sent me direct messages with weird content. What Do I Do? Warn the person hacked as soon as possible. Give the above recommendations, and tell them to review their account until strange activity ceases.

Information on Twitter, Facebook, bank accounts … nowadays we keep a lot of our data in our smartphones. Our use increasingly grows, causing mobile malware to multiply every day .

Remember it is very important to always have an antivirus, as Panda Mobile Security , to help you keep your Android virus free, protecting your data and identity.