PandaLabs Anual Report 2013

Twenty percent of all malware ever known first appeared in 2013; some 30 million new strains were created, that’s around 82,000 a day. According to PandaLabs’ Annual Report 2013, the amount of malware created last year has broken all records.

Although Trojans were the largest category, we witnessed many different types of attacks, including a resurgence of ransomware, with Cryptolocker a prime example.

Also during 2013, the percentage of infected computers reached 31.53%, similar to the previous year.

New malware created in 2013 and types of infection

New Malware Strains 2013 Type

Infections by type of malware in 2013

Malware Infections Type 2013

Cyber-espionage in the world

Cyber-espionage between governments worldwide featured greatly in the news throughout 2013. Until then, China had always been the leading player in these stories, but the revelations made ​​by the former NSA employee, Edward Snowden, have brought the NSA and the U.S. government into the spotlight.

Attacks on social networks also received a lot of attention. Indeed, in 2013 there were many cases of corporate accounts being hijacked, not to mention those of celebrities and politicians.

Countries with the highest infection rates

Countries with the highest infection rates in 2013 were:

Most Malware Infected Countries

Countries with least infections

The ten countries with lowest infection rates were, barring Japan, all European:

Least Malware Infected Countries 2013

Pandalabs Annual Report 2013 Infographic

PandaLabs Annual Report PandaLabs 2013

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