It’s Halloween, a great time to scare and be scared. These scares can come from horror films, video clips, or worse yet:  a cyberattacker The game against your enemies has begun, and you won’t win without taking your cybersecurity to the next level.

These days, cyberthreats can cause huge financial losses—a total of $45 billion in 2018—be it through the loss of data, regulatory fines, or money stolen from the company. All things considered, protecting the organization’s IT systems is essential. Reaching an optimal level of protection is an increasingly important—and complex—challenge. One of the reasons for this is the increasing amount of data stored by companies, which needs to be protected at a time when the attack surface is constantly growing. Another part of the puzzle is the professionalization of cybercriminals, and their turning their activity into an industry with vast quantities of resources.

Regardless of the date, there are several cybersecurity principals that all organizations must bear in mind so that Halloween only comes once a year. Don’t live through any more corporate cyber nightmares

We’re going to take a look at some of the most dangerous opponents for your corporate network, and how you can make sure you win the battle to protect your systems.

Zero Days

The threat. Zero days are a kind of attack that leverage a recently discovered vulnerability to install malware on the system or to carry out some other kind of cyberthreat. Its stealth is its most dangerous attribute, acting before the victim even knows they are vulnerable.   The attackers take advantage of the fact that the bug isn’t known, fully aware of the fact that it will be some time before developers find the vulnerability and roll out a patch. There is another downside to this threat: there is usually a gap between the manufacturer launching a patch to fix the problem and the user installing this patch, if they install it at all.

The solution. Vulnerabilities are the way in for a litany of threats, and zero days are especially dangerous, since they use recently discovered vulnerabilities. Panda Patch Management reduces the complexity of vulnerability and update management for operating systems and hundreds of third party applications. Cybercriminals are stopped from exploiting vulnerabilities in your IT system.


The threat. APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) are groups of bad actors that use advanced techniques to breach their targets’ cybersecurity, cause damage, and steal valuable personal data stored by the victim’s organization-. APTs try to stay hidden on their victims’ networks as long as possible in order to exfiltrate as much information as they can.

The solution. In order to protect your organization’s personal and sensitive data, Panda Security created Panda Data Control. This module discovers, audits and monitors unstructured personal data on endpoints: from data at rest, to data in use and data in motion.


The threat. Ransomware encrypts the files on a computer, and keeps them blocked until the required ransom is received, generally in the form of bitcoin, an untraceable virtual cryptocurrency. The most important advice for ransomware is not to trust it, and never agree to pay the ransom, because it in no way guarantees that your files will be freed.

The solution. To ensure that your files are secure, Panda Adaptive Defense has an additional module, Panda Full Encryption. It centrally manages the complete encryption of disks so that all of your data is secure.

Make sure that Halloween comes but once a year, and don’t take any risks. Pick the cybersecurity the best adapts to your company and manage, control, and protect your information against all kinds of cyberthreats.

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