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Be careful! Not all antivirus systems are what they seem and many are more hazardous than helpful for your cyber security, so was said in a recent investigation.  The investigation concluded that, today, most antivirus’ tend to lower the threshold of Internet browser security.  Can they protect us against external threats?  How effective are they?

Traditionally, browsers incorporate tools to check certificates issued by websites to ensure that it has been issued by an appropriate entity. Panda Security’s products do not use interception techniques like intrusive man-in-the-middle through TLS proxies, to analyze our customers’ communications. Our solutions are completely transparent and do not install any type of certificate for this function. Thanks to this we can avoid these type of vulnerabilities, while minimizing the impact on the communication performance for our users’ devices. For this reason, Panda solutions are not included in the study.

Panda Antivirus, the “nonvulnerable”

Panda’s products are mentioned as those not affected by this vulnerability in Concordia University’s report.

The affected antivirus systems in the study trick browsers, causing them to relax and trust any certificate, even though they shouldn´t. On the contrary, Panda Security solutions appears in this report because of its transparency and reliability for its users.