– The Challenge was first launched in Spain, where nobody was able to pass all three levels

– To take part, just go to the PandaLabs blog www.pandalabs.com and follow the instructions


Some 800 entrants and yet not one has overcome all three levels of the challenge. This was the result in Spain of the Panda Challenge, which is now being launched internationally. Of the participants in the three tests that make up the Challenge, only 1.87% came up with an answer to the first test, nobody resolved the second, and just six entrants answered the third test, although only one of these had the correct answer. In short, no one has been able to resolve all three tests in the Challenge.

Now PandaLabs is laying down the challenge to the rest of the World. Can anyone on the planet beat the Panda Challenge? So what does the Panda Challenge involve? PandaLabs gives participants three code files –each of them more difficult than the previous one- that will ask for a password. Users have to dissemble the code to find the password, then send it via email to: pandachallenge@pandasecurity.com

 Even though participants have a few days to resolve the problem, they had better be quick, as the winner of each test will be the first one to send the correct answer to Panda. Winners of each test will receive the following prizes:

Level 1: A 150-euro Amazon gift coupon

Level 2: A 250-euro Amazon gift coupon

Level 3: A 450-euro Amazon gift coupon

The first five participants to send a correct answer in each level will receive a Panda Security antivirus. Each code is sent on a different day. The first will be available on July 7, and users will have until July 14 to discover the password. The second code will be delivered on July 14 and the third on July 21, with participants having a week in both cases to send in the answer. For more information and to register for the Challenge, go to the PandaLabs blog www.pandalabs.com