Did you know that the new version of Panda Mobile Security, our antivirus for Android, is now available in the Google Play store?

The main difference with this version is that you can access the features directly from your Android Wear Smartwatch. That means, that if you have a smartwatch, you can control the antivirus from your wrist.

New Panda Mobile Security

This is what you can do:

  • Analyze your telephone / tablet from the smartwatch.
  • Antitheft and locking of device.

But that’s not all, if you have the PRO version, Panda Mobile Security allows you to:

  • Connect your watch to your device; an alarm will ring if they are too far apart.
  • Remotely activate an alarm on your device.
  • You can get a picture remotely on your Android device from your Smartwatch.

Panda Mobile Security, protects your smartphone or tablet against viruses, malware and spyware. In addition, it protects user privacy by blocking those applications that access confidential data without permission. And now, you can use it from your Android Wear™ smartwatch as well!