Of course, we have all wondered when we will stop receiving spam. It is not an easy question. We have already started 2007 and all the figures show that it is increasing overtime.

When I take a look at my inbox, all I see are emails like these:
– Phishing, 419s, lottery, etc.
– Pharma-related, pseudo-medicinal.
– Software with suspicious discounts.
– Online gambling.

Some call this "virtual fraud". It’s amazing, as this fraud is not so virtual, or at least it becomes quite real when later you take a look at your bank account.

Most of it relies on users’ own decision. Users decide whether the product/service is worth their money or not. I have never bought anything from these providers (honest to God), because I’m not interested in their products. But if the hit ratio, although minimal, is worth all the effort and resources the spammers are putting into this business, it is clear that a lot of users are willing to pay. And this means that these users don't see spam as something you want to get rid of, but a kind of advertisement that may be interesting.

Corporate companies are facing pressure from some groups to find a technical solution to this. Filters and new technologies arise, but I think that user education is a must that sometimes is not being stressed enough.

Most of this spam relies on the greed of the recipient, and I’m afraid there is no technical solution to this.