Spam is really annoying, mainly because you may think spammers have a really bad image of you: lack of hair, lack of sexual abilities, lack of money, lack of university degrees, lack of girl/boyfriends… After all, they just try to cheat you and sell something in the best cases… if they are not trying to spread malware.

But we have now a new spam message: for politics. We had received a message that shows figures about a survey in Argentina. Last weekend they elected a new president, and the message claims “we are bad”. Who? Which party? Will the message try to modify the vote in some people? Will it try to increase the participation?


The message comes form a “gmail.con” domain, and it claims the survey has been done by “McKenzy Associates”, which domain is not valid: “” is not a valid domain name.

Regardless of the intention, we can classify it as a new spam message category: vote spam. So, PandaLabs can name it, following the costume of giving new names: it’s “vospam”. Wait for the next US elections, we will have more of them.

 Thanks a lot to Fernando de la Cuadra for this post.