Today we have come across a new wave of stocks-related spam.

The goal, as usual, is to convince users to make a purchase of stocks from a company. In this particular case "West Excelsior Enterprise Inc."

The attack consists on a huge amount of spam sent in a short time. To increase the success rate, they are using lots of messages with slight differences to avoid spam filters. Some of these changes include different text bodies, background colors, subject or sender fields. The message also includes an animated gif instead of a standard one.


We have checked the stock rate, and it has risen more than 50% since the attack started on Friday. It is possible that the author has bought the stocks at low prices during the previous days, in order to sell them to unsuspicious users that are seeing the price rising, and feel confident that it is a good deal.

I am afraid that we are going to get used to attacks of this type.

We will keep informing.