We’ve noticed that the targets of cybercriminals are growing beyond private users and large corporations. Freelancers and microbusinesses are suffering daily attacks as they are an easy target for the bad guys and represent nearly 80% of the business sector in USA.

Thus, Panda Security has designed a tailor-made solution: Small Business Protection. An antivirus that suits to your business needs: economical, quick and compatible with any PC.

Discover the advantages of Small Business Protection in this infographic!




Is your company protected?

Cyberattacks on businesses are becoming more and more common, and these criminals have one clear goal: massive data theft.

Businesses are not equipped with security software on 25% of tablets and 35% of smartphones.

The origin of the infections are:

  • 39% Accessing unsecured websites.
  • 23% Downloading of programs from the Internet.
  • 19% Malware received by email.

What can be done to protect yourself against possible attacks?

The antivirus that protects small businesses from big threats.

The best antivirus for companies against online threats.

Small Business Protection!

What are the main benefits?

  • The protection you need with the best value for money.
  • Lightweight, powerful antivirus suited for new and older PCs.
  • Download it and get protected without any technical assistance.

Designed: Panda Security