How to renew your Panda antivirus subscription?

Renew your Panda Antivirus it’s easier than you think. Here’s how to do it.


You can renew your subscription in three ways:

1.Go to Panda Security’s website.

On the homepage, go to “My Account” ➡ “Product Renewal”. To access your Renewals area you’ll have to enter your email address and customer ID. You can find your customer ID in the welcome email that you received after purchasing your product.

If you can’t find your customer ID, don’t worry. There are other ways to renew your subscription:

2.Open your antivirus, go to “My Products” and click the Renew option.


3.Renew your subscription from the renewal notices

Renew your subscription from the renewal notices you will receive at your mailbox or from the pop-up messages displayed by your antivirus.

Once in your personal area, select the protection whose subscription you want to renew. You will receive an email with a new activation code. Then, enter the new activation code in “My Products” ➡ “I have an activation code”. The next time you open your antivirus your protection will have been extended.

Follow these simple steps to remain protected!