Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, today announced the launch of  Panda Space Invaders, an online game available on the company’s official Facebook page in Spain and USA, to raise awareness about the importance of a virus-free world.

The contest is open to participants from all over the world through an application available in English and Spanish. Participants must try to ‘kill’ as many viruses as possible within a minute, without hitting the Panda Security solutions. Each week, the participant with the highest score will be awarded an iPad Mini.


-	Panda Security estrena un juego en su página oficial de Facebook con el objetivo de construir un mundo sin virus

Kill Viruses Using Your Head, Hands and Body

Users can participate in the game in two different ways. The first one and the funniest is with the computer’s webcam, eliminating viruses using your hands, head and body.

The second one, more classical, is with the computer mouse.  

The contest is already under way, and the participant who destroys most malicious programs by Sunday July 7 will receive an iPad Mini. 

The contest will be open until August 4, and each week, the most adventurous Panda Security fan will win this fantastic prize.