Panda Security, the leading Spanish multinational in cybersecurity, control and specialized management solutions on the endpoint launches Panda Patch Management, a new solution, integrated on its security solutions, that reduces the complexity of managing vulnerabilities and updates on operating systems and hundreds of third party applications.

These days, the majority of attacks and exploits take advantage of outdated systems and third party applications, exploiting known vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities that have an update available weeks, or even months before the breach. What’s more, predictions suggest that by 2020, 99% (Gartner) of the vulnerabilities that cause security incidents will be known before the incident takes place, meaning that a timely update will be enough to stop it from happening.

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Cybersecurity is currently in a situation where the question that needs to be asked isn’t if our organization is going to be the victim of a breach, but when, and how we will be able to detect and respond to the attacker before any serious harm befalls our business.

The risk of being breached by attackers using vulnerabilities – and the possibility that a vulnerability will be the way in for a dreaded zero-day attack – is exacerbated by the difficulty of keeping systems updated. Among these difficulties are the digital transformation; the increase in the complexity and number of vulnerable endpoints, systems, and applications; the decentralization of organizations; and their management on tools that aren’t linked to security systems. If the vulnerabilities found on endpoints are unknown, how are we going to defend them properly?

Taking care of the needs of its clients, and responding to overall market trends, Panda Security presents Panda Patch Management, a solution to manage vulnerabilities and their corresponding updates and patches, both for systems and for hundreds of applications.


Compatible with all endpoint solutions on the Aether management platform, with this launch, Panda Security reaffirms its commitment to incorporating the management of vulnerabilities and patches as an essential part of endpoint security.

Having a solution such as Panda Patch Management is another vital piece in the advanced, flexible security architecture of Panda Adaptive Defense 360. It reinforces not only key prevention capacities, helping to drastically reduce the attack surface on endpoints, but it also facilitates a rapid response, isolating compromised devices and applying updates in real time in just one click from the console of the new management platform, Aether.

“With Panda Patch Management, we’re going beyond maximizing prevention and automated detection, as we have been doing for years with Panda Adaptive Defense 360 and its cloud based, continually evolving machine learning technologies. Organizations need integrated, easy to use management tools, that allow them both to reduce the attack surface opened by vulnerabilities, and to respond to any security incident immediately, patching all vulnerable devices in real time, with just one click, all from a single security and management console,” states Iratxe Vázquez, Product Marketing Manager at Panda Security.

The benefits of Patch Management:

Panda Security’s vulnerability management solution presents numerous advantages:

  • Discover, plan, install, and monitor: Provides visibility of endpoint health in real time, in terms of vulnerabilities, patches or pending updates, and unsupported software (EoL).
  • Audit, monitor, and prioritize updates on operating systems and applications. Updated in real time, it offers an aggregated visibility of the status of the patches and pending updates for the systems and hundreds of third party applications.
  • Prevents incidents, systematically reducing the attack surface created by software vulnerabilities. The management of patches and updates with easy-to-use, real-time management tools that enable organizations to get ahead of vulnerability exploit attacks.
  • Contains and mitigates attacks, immediately patching one or several endpoints: The console correlates detected threats and exploits with the uncovered vulnerabilities. Response time is minimized, containing and remediating attacks by pushing out patches immediately from the web console.
  • Reduces operating costs: No deployments or updates needed. No effort required as updates are launched remotely from the web console, and it provides immediate visibility of vulnerabilities, updates and EoL applications.
  • Helps with compliance with the accountability principle: Many regulations, like GDPR, HIPAA and PCI force organizations to take the appropriate measures to ensure protection of the sensitive data under their control. Panda Patch Management helps you to comply with this obligation.

An evolution of the prevention, detection and response capacities that are so necessary in order to defend your organization from cyberattacks on the endpoint. Strengthen your organization’s security posture with an advanced, adaptive security model, thanks to the advantages that Panda Security’s latest solution has to offer.

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