– The conference, organized by the Antiphishing Working Group, will be held on May 11-13 in Sao Paulo

– Luis Corrons, Technical Director of  PandaLabs, will explain the details of the operation that led to the arrest of the Mariposa botnet leaders

Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs, will take part in CeCOS IV (Counter-eCrime Operations Summit), the security conference organized by the Antiphishing Working Group on May 11-13 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This year’s summit will focus on the development of response paradigms and resources for the forensic analysis of cyber-criminal activities. 

Panda Security will participate with the lecture: “Operation Mariposa: The Inside Story of an Historic Botnet Takedown”. In his narrative, Luis Corrons will give a detailed account of the operation that led to the shutdown of the largest botnet ever reported and the arrest of three of its leaders in March.

According to Luis Corrons, “The Mariposa Operation has been an example of successful international cooperation and coordination, as well as effective work by everyone involved. By sharing this information we will not only set an example to follow in similar cases, but it will also help us continue working with other industry peers as well as government bodies and law enforcement agencies in the fight against cyber-crime.