• Renewal Fee Program is specifically designed for the company’s 2013 consumer line, allows better sales flow tracking 

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, announced the launch of its new Renewal Fee Program, a channel strategy for the company’s 2013 consumer solutions that allows better sales flow tracking. The program involves the use of a new tracking system to associate each unit with its activation code and, similarly, each user with a partner (distributor/reseller).

Panda Security believes it is extremely important to listen to its distribution channel and take care of its needs. That’s why it has revolutionized its current sales process:

  • When a user’s license expires, they are advised to go to the store where they bought their product in order to renew their subscription. That increases customer flow and business volume at the point of sale. The new tracking system facilitates this task.
  • In addition, with the company’s new tracking system, if the user renews their license through Panda Security’s online store, the partner gets notified and obtains commission as if the transaction had taken place at their own store.

Up until now, partners where left out of the online renewal process and did not benefit from this important part of the software business, which lay in the hands of manufacturers exclusively.

“Channel partners are extremely important to us, and we want to reward them with this new commission sharing scheme. Thanks to this initiative, partners will receive a percentage of the 2013 consumer product renewals carried out via our online store”, said Enrique Aguilera, VP Consumer Sales and Marketing at Panda Security.

To join Panda Security’s Channel Program (RFP), partners must sign up at the RFP portal https://www.pandasecurity.com/partners/become/renewal.htm, and meet some basic requirements regarding availability, certification in Panda Security’s products, etc. Each partner will have to enter a product box ID number (RFC) at the Web portal either manually or by using a data import system. This code appears on the bottom side of the boxes of all Panda Security 2013 consumer solutions. Through the portal, partners will be able to view the status of users and renewals, newly registered activation codes, and more.

More information is available at: https://www.pandasecurity.com/partners/become/renewal.htm