We have great news! Panda Security has obtained excellent results in April’s Real World Protection Test! And we are not the ones that say it! 😉

According to AV-Comparatives, we have achieved 100% detection rate in the tests conducted by this independent institute with a worldwide reputation.

av comparatives april

These results can only confirm the great results provided by the XMT™ scan engine, which is now included in all consume products.

Panda Security develops their products in response to the evolution of malware in recent years. Therefore, the XMT™ engine is the most effective response against threats like Cryptolocker and ransomware, of which we have all heard so much about in the last few months.

XMT antivirus

For example, in Spain, people are receiving an email that supposedly comes from the national post service informing you that a package has arrived and you have to collect it. But once you download it, it kidnaps your computer’s and asks you for a ransom if you want it back.

But we are not satisfied with these great results. Our objective is to keep up with the latest threats, so we can build a safer world. Try our free antivirus and enjoy the maximum protection!